C'e La Luna presents

Shifting Landscapes


In 2017, C’È LA LUNA invites 5 artists or art collectives with an established practice to take up residency at ECMA in southern Italy and become part of a programme exploring the meaning of ‘Shifting Landscapes’.

C’È LA LUNA (pr. ‘che’) means ‘is it the moon?’; a playful Italian expression that questions individual behaviours in relation to what is happening in nature. We believe in the magnitude of connection: that the desire for people to connect and be fellows with all creatures is close to the surface and waiting for space to be given expression and creative form. Bringing nature and art together is at the heart of our approach and vision as artists and arts professionals. Humans for millennia have looked to nature to find new prisms of creative space and reflection during tempestuous times – art is vital in synthesizing and enabling our understanding, experience and relationship to the world. With a combined experience of over 30 years in contemporary art; curating, producing and delivering work, Erica Dellner and Laura Ducceschi are now connected to ECMA and southern Italy as a gift of a base for the creation of new work.

‘Cinema Mele...conceived by the engineer Francesco Mele, was built where once stood the walls that were part of the Pizzo fortification. Part of this structure still exists behind the screen, around and under the cinema theatre. Mele developed a modern design for its time, of simple lines, taking into account the relations between light, shadow and darkness – the cinema theatre was built partly as a cave (the rock was literally dug, moving the screen into the ground) and partly as a fort... Closed for 20 years, the Cinema endured the erosion of the nights... In 2013, Giuseppe Mele, artist and grandson of the founder of the cinema theatre, began working on the building and gradually, and with personal investment, began to create the conditions to foster artistic projects – residencies, workshops, band recordings – following a non-institutional logic where the priority was given to the quality of the meetings... The current use of the space by groups of international artists, open to the involvement of individuals from the local population, marks a new era for the cinema as an interdisciplinary space for meeting/discussion of ideas and ways of accessing the world.’

- Bruno Humberto, The Empty Cinema, Wrong Wrong Magazine


‘We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring, will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’

- T.S. Eliot – Four Quartets

ECMA is embedded in the Zeitgeist; it is a metaphor for our times. It’s future and stability uncertain, it is a place of possibility and renewal, where creativity brings a future out of crumbling bricks, mortar and forgotten dreams. Our world is full of remote and hidden places and ECMA is one both on and off the map. It is a wild environment in which native plants have made their home. On the terrace you are met by the Tyrrhenian Sea with Stromboli often blowing smoke on the horizon. The green Calabrian mountains sit behind; there is a castle to left and a church to the right. At ECMA there is a sense of solitude and quiet, of stepping away from the everyday and even out of the world, but the geography offers a strong sense of location and presence. In deepening our relationship to a place – physical and non-physical, we foster a new kind of reverence and understanding. In 2017, ECMA and the shifting landscapes residencies will be a platform for navigation.

We invite artists into a residency without any expectation to produce work or deliver – it is a time for experimentation, development and reflection, away from daily life. The focus of residences is to allow artists a space to interact with process, allowing stories to emerge and unfold from a place of curiosity and engagement. Every residency will be different; every residency is an unknown territory.



A residency can last up to two weeks dependent on artist requirements. At the end of a residency, we offer an informal sharing of work, however experimental, with the local community. There is also the opportunity to have a public exhibition/performance outside the cinema in the local area.
We start and end a residency with a shared meal. Artists are free to structure their time as needed and we encourage people to engage with the space as they would their home.

The space offers a basic living environment for a maximum of 12 people. The sleeping area is communal in the balcony of the cinema. There is a kitchen, hot shower and bathrooms. Local accommodation in the area is also available should you wish to stay off-site.


We invite you to submit a short statement of interest, to have a conversation with us about what may be possible. In contemplating a residency, we would love to know how you might use or approach the time.

We offer the venue and our support during the residency. Funding for travel and expenses is not available from C’È LA LUNA or ECMA but we encourage applications to potential partners if financial support for your residency is required.
ECMA has a small amount of equipment available to use, please talk to us in advance about what may be available.

Please send your statement of interest, with links or examples of previous/current work to Erica at celaluna.projects@gmail.com

Deadline: 01 March 2017 at midnight GMT