Studio Lupa

Studio Lupa Ltd is a company created by in early 2018 by founder, director and creative director Laura Ducceschi.

Studio Lupa is a creative studio, a platform for devising, curating, collaborating, producing and delivering new artwork.

As an independent company with the creation of artistic projects at it heart, Studio Lupa champions new and experimental ways of working, artistic exploration and the merging and meeting point of practices.

At the artistic core, Studio Lupa believes in the power of art to shape our realities… To connect, help us imagine possibilities, dream, promote compassion… To access the space bigger than ourselves, ultimately inspiring us to make positive contributions to the world. We are dedicated to making art that is responding to the time we live in; converging new ideas and experiences… finding portals for connection…

In 2018 Studio Lupa took Dear Esther Live to international festival dates, and showcased the work of Poppy Ackroyd live in Italy.