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Attenborough Centre For The Creative Arts
Brighton, UK

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts is a contemporary arts space in Brighton, UK, presenting a programme of music, performance, dance, live art, film, discussion and debate.

Laura Ducceschi works alongside Laura McDermott, ACCA’s Creative Director in curating and producing its programme of music and installation. ACCA supports artists in developing new works through presentation in its seasonal programme, producing, consultation, residency programme and use of its recording studio.

ACCA Associate and Resident Artists

Poppy Ackroyd – Live recording at ACCA, December 2017

Interview with Laura Ducceschi about Brighton & ACCA Digital festival with Brighton’s 1BTN radio station


ACCA Digital

ACCA Digital is the Attenborough Centre of the Creative Arts annual intensive programme of digital music and installation. A presentation of artists and projects utilising digital technology and film in their composition and exploration of art, science and humanity. ACCA Digital commenced in 2017 and takes place each year over October and November and presents its programme in partnership with Brighton Digital Festival and Cinecity Film Festival.


Laurie Anderson and Hsin Chien-Huang CHALKROOM and TO THE MOON • Holly Herndon PROTO • Ryoji Ikeda SUPERCODEX • Graham Dunning • Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club AETHER • Gaika • Gazelle Twin • Suzanne Ciani • Martin Messier FIELD • PlanningtoRock • James Lavelle UNKLE SOUNDS • People Like Us • Oliver Coates and Laurence Lek • Bernholz • Myriam Bleau BALLISTICS • James Holden & The Animal Spirits • Plaid and Felix’s Machines • Wolfgang Voigt GAS • Caterina Barbieri and Ruben Spini • YaYa Bones • Tim Hecker ANOYO • Sugai Ken • S/HE(Tomboys Don’t Cry) • Lorraine Jordan • Cristian Vogel • Squid • Factory Floor METROPOLIS (live score) • Asian Dub Foundation LA HAINE (live score • Klara Lewis, Simon Fisher Turner, Rainer Lericolais BERLIN – SYMPHONY OF A GREAT CITY (live score) • Amiina FANTÔMAS (live score)