Dear Esther UK Tour/ACCA Music Programme and Residencies


Dear Esther Live UK Tour Announcement 


We are delighted to have been supported by Arts Council England to present a 12 date UK tour of Dear Esther Live.  Tour kicks off in Glasgow at Sonica Festival on 3 November 2017 and is made possible by the brilliant tour production skills of Music Beyond Mainstream –

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ACCA Music Residencies 17/18

Delighted to have the phenomenal talent of Anna Meredith, Felix’s Machines and Poppy Ackroyd as this year’s music based Associate Artists at Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts

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ACCA Music Programme Autumn 2017

First announcement for ACCA Autumn music programme, more over the next two weeks, Here


ACCA Conversations July 2017

A recent conversation with ACCA on the upcoming Music Programme

Laura works with us to bring our contemporary music programme together. A creative, curator and producer who has worked across large scale music and digital installation tours globally as well  locally, she brings to our team a wealth of experience. We caught up with her to find out more about the Autumn music programme and special series of shows for Freshers Week and Brighton Digital Festival, as well her other key moments in the season.

Can you tell us what is planned for the Autumn, first as part of Brighton Digital Festival?

It’s a week of contrasting work by some pretty established, solid artists.  We kick off with new work from the sculptural inventor and composer Felix’s Machines.  He will be joined by Plaid and they are writing new material which will form part of the performance on the 19 September.  The following day is a double bill of sound and video collage artist People Like Us and experimental cellist Oliver Coates.  People Like Us is celebrating her 25th year and is going to present a collage piece of her favourite works.  Oliver to me is one of the most interesting UK musicians around presently which is reflected in his collaborators, Mica Levi and Radiohead to name but two.  The 21 September is the one and only Holly Herndon who holds the mantle of one of the leading ladies of electronic music presently.  Then, on the 22 is James Lavelle presenting an UNKLE Sounds AV set.  UNKLE release new material this September so you can expect to hear some of that incorporated in – this is the one you really get to dance at. Then, on the 23 is Ryoji Ikeda, with Supercodex. In the way that only Ryoji can, he takes raw data and mathematics and transforms it into an immersive live club show unlike any other.

 What other gigs do you have up your sleeve for the Autumn season?

Hidden Orchestra (now a Brighton residing outfit) will be presenting their new album on Saturday 9 December, they are an astonishing outfit and it’s a Saturday night and also in the city of their label Tru Thoughts so it’s on a promise to be a great night out. A show not programmed by me but I am delighted to include in the programme this autumn and I would like to mention is The Horrors  who will be presenting material from their 5th album V.

Bringing Dakhabrakha to us on 30 November is a special one for you – what is it about that band?

I could talk for hours on this band.  I have no qualms in saying they are in the top the of all live bands I have seen.  There is nothing on the same page.  Super theatrical and refined and full of abandon with punk spirit and quirk.  They are Ukranian and perform in full traditional attire.  I have yet to come across anyone who has experienced them who does not metaphorically tip their hat in respect Every so often amongst friends and folk interested in new music, I reserve a little card that I use every so often, which is OK this one, please just trust me and go see them’.  This is that card. Categorise wise if I am to attempt to describe what happens I would say if you can imagine a mix of Thom Yorke, Bjork, Ice Cube, Chicks on Speed, tribal village music with huge servings of theatrics and quirk and a touch of Ukranian cattle calling.

Image: Alexa Hoyer

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