Joy Division Reworked


A sonic and visual spectacle turns the tables on the conventional concert experience. Rather than classical interpretations or cover versions, Live_Transmission is a fearless dismantling of Joy Division’s visual and musical motifs, creating a hugely powerful immersive event that pays homage to the signature spirit that defined the group as one of the world’s most progressive bands.


“This project originated from an obscure point.  It came from a desire to recreate the sensation experienced in a sonic dream that was an overwhelming and all encompassing morphed version of the introduction to Joy Division’s track Atmosphere.  It was a multi sensory experience that was like the original but  massively reinforced.  It led to the creation of Live_Transmission – this multi disciplinary project that sat between an installation and live performance.   Following the blessing from the Joy Division Estate, consultation with Peter Saville during the project exploration period and being granted access to original Ian Curtis vocal stems, the project took shape.  Whilst this was a new art project, this was a modern day homage to Joy Division, therefore it was important that the essentials informed the key structure of the project – the literary, a modern day visual representation, anarchic punk spirit, experimentation and acknowledgement of Ian Curtis’s autobiographical chronology within Joy Division repertoire.” –   Laura Ducceschi, Creative Producer