Projects: Curations and Productions

a sample of some of the projects I have loved curating, devising, producing


Dear Esther Live – Touring 2017/18

Live Score by Jessica Curry
Live Game Play by Dan Pinchbeck

Dear Esther 1024


A deserted landscape, memories of a fatal crash, a book written by a dying explorer – explore an island shrouded in mystery in this live performance of video game Dear Esther.  The conductor leads an ensemble of live pianist, string quartet, gamer, narrator, singer, electronics in a real time performance.

Starting on a small beach, with only a brooding cliffs and a small lighthouse in view, BAFTA-nominated narrator Oliver Dimsdale takes you through the game, journeying from the desolate Hebridean island to a car crash on the M5, a crisis of faith of a guilty heart, the lost shores of a dreamed shoreline and a final ascent through the waters of madness to the release of flight. With the playthrough of the game on-screen accompanied by live narration and a live performance of BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry’s powerful score, the story is brought to life here as never before.

Originally released in 2012, Dear Esther quickly gained critical acclaim for abandoning traditional gameplay in favour of atmosphere, rich storytelling and extraordinary art, proving videogames are capable of the same musical, narrative and artistic expression as film, literature and classical music. Curve Digital have released enhanced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Dear Esther in October 2016 to coincide with Dear Esther Live.

A beautiful and thought-provoking piece of work. It is oil painting, poetry, eulogy and video game all at once. And it’s never less than fascinating.’ The Telegraph

Trailer for Dear Esther Video Game Below

Touring 2017/18 – dates to be announced




earsthetic: art amplified

Brighton Dome 2012-16

Mikhail Karikis Seawomen
Ryoji Ikeda datamatics (v.2.0)
Ryoji Ikeda datamatics (v.2.0)
Elaine Mitchener, Industrialising Intimacy
Bianca Casady and The C.i.A
Bianca Casady and The C.i.A


Chicks On Speed - Artstravaganza
Chicks On Speed – Artstravaganza
Peaches Does Herserlf
Peaches Does Herself



















An annual week long festival of installation and performances curated by Laura Ducceschi that present artists and projects that are wholly embedded in both visual and sonic worlds.

earsthetic presents, commissions, supports and produces new multimedia work as the artist intended it to be seen. earsthetic commits to producing new work and incorporates a dramaturg, sound artist, theatre and music producer into a strand called The Works which supports 3 artists per year in testing and exploring elements of their work and a public showing and discussion as a work in progress.

Previous artists include: Ryoji Ikeda datamatics (ver 2.0)– Bianca Casady and The C.i.A, Elaine Mitchener, Sculpture, Alex Smoke, Mikhail Karikis Seawomen – The Works, Peaches Does Herself (film, live), Mira Calix The Sun is the Queen of All Torches, Kele AV,  Claudia Molitor The View From My Desk, Sarah Nicolls Moments of Weightlessness, Planning To Rock, Simian Mobile Disco, Chicks on Speed Golden Gang and Artstravaganza, Emptyset, Alex Smoke and Florence To, Spirit of Gravity, Tiger Lilies LULU,  David Somlo, David Guillera, AKDK









Sam Lee’s Nightingale Walk

Commissioned for Brighton Festival 2015

Recording courtesy of BBC for Late Junction on Radio 3

Produced for Brighton Festival 2015 in response to Guest Director Ali Smith’s festival theme of migration. A homage to Beatrice Harrison’s recording of playing the cello with Nightingales in 1924. An series of events taking place late in the nights on Sussex’s South Downs. Folk singer Sam Lee and other celebrated musicians journey deep into the Springtime Sussex forest to experience and interact with the rare and intoxicating song of the Nightingale. Exploring call and response and songs, stories, folklore and ornithological wisdom on this magical bird.

Guests Included:

David Rothenberg (Author of Why Do Birds Sing?)
Oliver Coates
Sacha Siem



Carleen Anderson Tribute to Sarah Vaughn
With the Julian Joseph Trio

Commissioned by Brighton Festival 2015
Creative Producer: Laura Ducceschi

Carleen Anderson - Tribute to Sarah Vaughn with Julian Joseph Trio
Carleen Anderson – Tribute to Sarah Vaughn with Julian Joseph Trio

Carleen pays tribute to her all-time hero, the ‘Divine One’ Sarah Vaughan. Accompanied by one of the towering figures in contemporary jazz, pianist and bandleader Julian Joseph, this promises to be an unmissable evening of the finest vocal jazz.

“If sometimes mannered in the style of its subject, tonight is still a masterclass taught from a lifetime’s lessons” – The Arts Desk ★★★★

“Carleen is one of the foremost exponents of song in the world today.” – Eddie Myer, Jazz Magazine



Joy Division Reworked

A sonic and visual spectacle turns the tables on the conventional concert experience. Rather than classical interpretations or cover versions, Live_Transmission is a fearless dismantling of Joy Division’s visual and musical motifs, creating a hugely powerful immersive event that pays homage to the signature spirit that defined the group as one of the world’s most progressive bands.

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Brighton Festival at Au Milieu Du Monde, Un Festival de Festivals

Le Lieu Unique, Nantes 2012

A programme curated by Laura Ducceschi to represent Brighton Festival as Au Milieu Du Monde, Un Festival de Festivals (The Middle of the World, A Festival of Festivals).


People Like Us – The Sound Of The End Of Music [2010] from Vicki WFMU on Vimeo.

Brighton Festival played host to weekend (July 27-29, 8pm–4am) hosted by arts venue Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, whose programming reflects the artistic exploration and excitement that comes from mixing genres, cultures and audience. In response to the French festival’s remit of mixing art forms and abolishing the boundaries between disciplines, Laura Ducceschi – Brighton Dome and Festival music producer – curated a programme that sits between a night club and a gallery. An eclectic mix of live music, DJs and installation that reflect the spirit of Brighton.

June Deer
Void Vector
Saul Willams
People Like Us
AKDK and metaLuna
Mr Bongo Sound System
Nostalgia 77
DJ Michelle Manetti
DJ Fuzz Tone





A Nod to Cage
De La Warr Pavilion, 2011

Curator David Rhodes and Creative Producer Laura Ducceschi worked closely together on a 5 week programme honouring the artist and musician John Cage. The exhibition focused on his visual art works and was curated in conjunction with Heyward Gallery Touring, entitled ‘Every Day Is A Good Day’ A live programme entitled A Nod To Cage was curated in response to the exhibtion. The programme was devised to honour and reflect John’s work and approach as well as featuring new works and commissions that incorporate the Cagean approach of experiential works that blurred line between audience and artist as well as the utilisation of chance, randomisation and contemporary artists.


Yoko Ono Play It By Trust
Play It By Trust first realised in 1966 as White Chess Set
Charlie Hooker Audio Accompaniment (2011)
Yamaha Disklavier piano, laptop, Geiger-counter
Felix Thorn Felix’s Machines
Felix’s Machines are music making sculptures
Hugh Fox Mind is Moving (2011)
Performance/two channel video installation
Charles Atlas Joints 4tet for Ensemble (1971-2010)
This is an installation of Super-8 colour films of the dancer Merce Cunningham shot by Atlas in 1971.
Steve Thompson Everyday is a Good Day (2011)
Digital prints mounted on mdf
Joseph Long Mecannaissance (2011)
Timber, MDF, video camera, monitor
Sophie Fishel Skiddley Bop (2011)
HD film Void Vector Supercell A Mixed Media Digital Installation for Sound, Light, Air and Software
Daisy Grove-Lafarge Music from the Vacuum (2011)
Sound installation

Live Performances

Margaret Leng Tan Through the Silence
A full programme representing the diversity of Cage’s work over three decades
A Discussion on John Cage
Anton Lukoszevieze of experimental ensemble Apartment House and Cage collaborator Margaret Leng Tan Mount Kimbie + Creep
Machine-music duo Mount Kimbie accompanied by Void Vector installation
Brainwaves: Mira Calix, Anna Meredith, Aurora Quartet, Loop.pH Bringing together science, visual art and music to explore the connections between the brain and sound.
Indeterminacy: Stewart Lee, Steve Beresford and Tania Chen
Performing John Cage’s Indeterminacy, a group of 90 short stories, each lasting one minute each.
eighth blackbird
Missy Mazzoli (2008), Cage Aria (1958), Lang (2007) Glass (1969), Ades Catch (1991), Hartke (2007) Shelley Parker Birdcage
Auditorium, PA, laptop, software
AK/DK Requiem for a Building
VJs, metaLuna, Johanna Bramli and AKDK turn the Pavilion into a musical score
Lucy Phillips What Cannot Be Seen
Pinhole cameras, inkjet prints, scanned photographic paper negatives, texts, emails
Jane Ormerod
FOUND Collective Cybraphon (2009)
automated interactive, mechanical band in a box




Beardyman vs Heritage Orchestra Battlejam

Commissioned by De La Warr Pavilion (2009)

de la warr pavilion 2009
de la warr pavilion 2009


Beardyman vs Heritage Orchestra was the first of three productions Laura Ducceschi produced with the orchestra after she brought them in as De La Warr pavilion resident orchestra in 2009. Beatboxer Beardyman’s musicality and understanding of a host of instrumentation is no doubt part of what led in him taking the national and international beatboxer award. This is an ambitious battlejam where we see 35 piece Heritage Orchestra and Man go head to head in a largely improvised concert.

Beatboxer: Beardyman
Orchestra: Heritage Orchestra
Creative Producer: Laura Ducceschi
Conductor: Jules Buckley
Orchestra Director: Chris Wheeler
Visuals: Bartosz Dylewski




The Piano Series

De La Warr Pavilion 2009

Man With a Movie Camera (1929)
Man With a Movie Camera (1929)















Head of Exhibitions Celia Davies and Head of Live Programming Laura Ducceschi joined forces in present an integrated 6 week programme inspired by the work of composer and video artist Michael Nyman.

Videofile was the first comprehensive exhibition of selected video works and photography by Michael Nyman. Nyman’s videoworks are filmed with a hand-held camera. The video works feature everyday moments or episodes that Nyman has chanced upon: capturing the unexpected, or focusing on the less seen. Soundtracks to some of the video works use location sounds, whilst others recycle existing scores from his archive, or a combination of both to create sound/score montages. In response to the exhibition, a programme of live events entitled The Piano Series.


Man With a Movie Camera
Dziga Vertov’s classic 1929 silent film performed live by the Michael Nyman Band
Joanna MacGregor vs Scanner (commissioned by de la warr pavilion 2009)
Live improvised collaboration of Bach’s preludes and fugues
Prepared piano pieces from recent album
John Tilbury
Performing works by Farnaby, Howard Skempton, Dave Smith
David McAlmont sings Michael Nyman (2009)
A previously unseen collaboration between singer David McAlmont and composer/pianist Michael Nyman
Sarah Nicolls
Experimental composer performs on her inverted piano The Beast
Matthew Bourne – Songs From a Lost Piano (2009)
Matthew and collaborators present a composition for five reclaimed pianos
Keith Tippett
British jazz pianist and composer performs some of his favourite ‘prepared’ pieces

Film Programme (Composer: Michael Nyman)

Wingates Brass Band open the season with live music from the films of Michael Nyman

The Piano (Jane Campion)
Man On Wire (James Marsh)
Draughtsman’s Contract (Peter Greenaway)
Man With A Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)
The Libertine (Laurence Dunmore)